Discover & View Insights from large Chunks of Data

We use artificial intelligence that extracts human readable business insights from your data automatically.

We help you unlock actionable insights from large chunks of unstructured data, used in financial services, audit, compliance and customer intelligence solutions. We leverage neural networks, named entity recognition, and natural language processing to comprehend industry-specific documents which accelerates development by 50 percent.

Our AI automatically finds a relevant relation in your data and harmonizes dates, country codes, number formats and more. It analyses and delivers easy-to-understand data visualisations. We save time that would, otherwise, have been wasted in preparing your data for analysis. We also help you automatically discover unexpected outliers, trends and hotspots.

Our solution helps customers to better understand their operations, quality, efficiency and overall performance. We help you to get a unified view of organizational data and execute analytics-based diagnostics to take accurate decisions. The users are empowered through intuitive UIs that can be augmented based upon data types and usage patterns.


Run comprehensive analysis in minutes, transform and model your data automatically. Auto generate results, without worrying about data cleaning, and reduce your working time. The software is extremely easy to use, no training or technical skills required. Insights presented based on top-consulting practises. Spot interesting patterns, outliers or trend. Collaborate, Identify, Share and Discuss finding with your team. Our design renders equally well on mobile, tablet and desktop.

How it Works

1. Import Data - A three step procedure from data to insights. Provide data through CSV files, Excel Sheets, AWS S3, or surverys.
2. Analyse Data - We intelligently harmonize, analyse and visualise your data to make the best decision clear.
3. Discover Insights - Discover relevant business insights and take data-driven action. No spreadsheets, no analysts, no endless meetings — just answers.

Use Case in Supply Chain

  • Deep Supply Chain network modeling
  • BTS/BTO/CTO models
  • Inventory optimization
  • Distribution/Production/Material planning
  • Real time scenario planning
  • Constraint analysis
  • Driver based forecasting
  • Smart Alerts – Exception based forecasting
  • New Product Introduction Forecasting
  • Opportunity pipeline visibility
  • Promotion/events visibility
  • Forecast submission & approvals

Use Case in Sales & Marketing

  • Smart Budget Allocation
  • Key Initiative Planning
  • Market Insights – Risks & Opportunities
  • Baseline + Growth Driver Based Forecasting
  • Top Down – Bottom Up Consensus
  • Initiative Business Case Creation
  • Revenue, Units, Margin Scenario Analysis
  • Budget vs. Forecast Analysis
  • Initiative Approvals
  • Initiative Calendar Visibility
  • Smart Budget Allocation
  • Key Initiative Planning


    "This is to express our appreciation of the work done by Sosio Technologies Pvt Ltd. for a data project on educational innovation at the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad. I was delighted by the kind of customer support they provided. We wish Sosio all the best and hope their dream meets with success." - Prof. Vijay Sherry Chand, IIM Ahmedabad