Big Data Platform for Small Businesses & Non Profits

Sosio helps you magically manage your Data! Collect, Visualise, Transform all of your organisational data from one interface.

Data Collection

Our tools allow you to capture qualitative and quantitative data from field.

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Data Analytics

View data from the field - in real time, no lag between data discovery and analysis! Create reports, segment your data and run complex queries on the go.

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Data Indexing & Retrevival

Use our powerful search tool to index your internal data, textual content & excel sheets. We support geo-location, numeric & full text queries.

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Data Visualisation

Use dynamic maps, choropleths, charts & node graphs to make your data come alive - Data means nothing till it tells a story!

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Testimonial "This is to express our appreciation of the work done by Sosio Technologies Pvt Ltd. for a project on educational innovation at the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad. I was delighted by the kind of customer support they provided. We wish Sosio all the best and hope their dream meets with success." - Prof. Vijay Sherry Chand, IIM A

What is the Pricing?

Non Profits

500 USD / mo


1000 USD / mo


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Cohort Analysis

Churn Analysis

Revenue Analytics

Extract Data from Multiple Sources with API integrations

Load Data into our Big Data Platform

Analyse the Data and make sense out of it